Pavers in Dallas and Nearby

Pavers in Dallas and Nearby

Turn your simple backyard into a beautiful space with a paver patio. Pavers allow you to create a walkway with old-world charm, a contemporary pool deck, planters, staircases, and much more.

Many concrete stones can support vehicular loads, allowing you to create stunning driveways. Our stone patio pavers and our concrete driveway pavers will last so your outdoor space will stand the test of time.

There are limitless paver patterns, so you have the flexibility to create a unique outdoor living space with your style. Contoured paver patterns create elaborate driveways, entrances, walkways, and patios.

Types of Pavers

Types of Pavers

Natural Stone

Add a sense of class to your project with authentic natural stone products. There are a wide variety of natural stones available — from flagstone to granite to travertine. These pavers are carved from the earth, so each stone is unique and the slight variations in color can add an organic and personal touch to your project.


A brick paver is made from clay that is formed into its shape and cured baking in a kiln. Note, when shopping for pavers, the word “brick” is sometimes used to describe the shape of the stone — so you may see “concrete bricks” that aren’t technically bricks.


Concrete pavers are created by pouring concrete into a mold, adding a dye to mimic natural stone, and incorporating various finishes and textures. These man-made pavers have a limitless variety of shapes, colors, and sizes —resulting in virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Ways to Incorporate Pavers

Ways to Incorporate Pavers


If you are tired of your boring concrete or asphalt driveway, pavers offer a unique flair with unbeatable durability. If you are environmentally-conscious, pavers are permeable — meaning pavers will soak down to the ground rather than washing away the rainwater and driveway oils and salts.


A patio paver is built to withstand heavy traffic and requires little maintenance. An easy addition to any yard, patio pavers add a unique flair to your yard and will last for decades.


Create a custom walkway or garden path with an impressive selection of sizes, shapes, and designs. Set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood by weaving a path through a cottage-style garden or bring character to your contemporary yard.

Pool decks

Create a stunning pool deck that will last decades. Create a unique look with limitless design opportunities. Your pool deck is an essential element and a paver pool deck will create a safe and slip-resistant surface around the pool.


Make your outdoor living space unique with a stone fireplace. With plenty of design options, you can create warmth and a more social atmosphere. Adding a custom fire pit to your paver patio is easy.


A staircase made with pavers will last for decades, has limitless design possibilities, and are perfect for making steps and small stairways through your yard.


A relatively inexpensive project, creating planters with pavers can match your hardscaping already used in your yard — creating a more cohesive and professional look.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones serve a functional purpose, but add a decorative design to your yard. You can define paths and separation by using pavers for stepping stones.

Paver Installation

Paver Installation

Before starting a paver installation, you need to clear the area. Contact local utility companies to identify if any utility lines run where you need to dig. Once your utility lines are marked, it’s time to tear up any old walkways, driveways, or patios that you are replacing. Next, you will need to fill the area up again with crushed concrete or rocks. This is your aggregate.

Screed the sand and lay the pavers with the rough surface facing upward for a more natural stone look. As you install the pavers, you will want to tap gently with a rubber mallet to ensure the pavers seat nice and flat.

Add a restraining wall along flower beds by burying pavers in an upright position. This is an effective and inexpensive way to keep water and dirt from spilling onto your pavers. Once you’ve laid all of your pavers, spread masonry sand and fill in between each paver. Leave surplus sand across the top of the pavers.

Sweep and re-sweep the surface with the remaining surplus of sand. You may need to repeat this process over the next few days as any rain will compact and settle the sand.

Paver Maintenance

Paver Maintenance

Maintaining and protecting your investment is important. Pavers are extremely durable, but to ensure you preserve the beauty and integrity of your pavers, it’s best to keep them swept, cleaned, and resealed every three to five years.

Each Spring, use a strong broom and paver cleaner. Watch for any weeds — if you do not address them, they may cause your pavers to shift over time. Apply a granular weed preventative between the paver joints.

In the event of an oil spill, use a granular oil absorbent to soak it up. Rubbing the spill will only drive the stain deeper into the paver. Be sure to follow the directions on any paver cleaner you buy. Using a de-icing substance in proper amounts shouldn’t damage your paver, however, it may accelerate the wear on some paver styles.

The joints between your pavers are the most vulnerable part of the installation. Keep masonry sand around and top off your joints to prevent the sand bed below from deteriorating — causing the pavers to shift. Lastly, sealers should not be applied more than once in three years — too many applications can create a film that may discolor in the sunlight.

Professional Paver Contractors in Dallas, TX

Professional Paver Contractors in Dallas, TX

Our locally-owned family business provides professional paver service for residential and commercial projects. We offer free estimates, financing available, and we are Indy’s fastest-growing asphalt concrete company. Our priority is your satisfaction — we use only the best materials and equipment for our projects.

We have many pre-priced paver options available for most applications or you can gather inspiration and create your own. Give our professionals a call for a quote or design help.