Concrete Parking Lot

concrete A Concrete Parking Lot

Concrete is a beautiful and durable option for your parking lot. It is clean and inviting to guests visiting your commercial property or storefront. When it comes to installation, a concrete parking lot may cost more than an asphalt, but it will last much longer and need less maintenance. The life expectancy of a concrete parking lot can be up to 40 years if properly cared for. If freezing causes it to crack, keep up with maintenance to ensure it doesn’t get worse.

Make sure to choose an experienced concrete contractor like Greico. Pouring and finishing such a large area of concrete can be tricky and requires significant skill when it comes to correct installation. Things like proper mixture, moisture, application, and extreme temperatures all play a factor in how long concrete will last. We understand all of the little details when it comes to mixing and laying concrete so let us help you build a concrete parking lot that will stand the test of time.

Concrete Parking Lot Insallation

Installing a concrete parking lot means it will last a significantly longer time than asphalt, and the required maintenance is much lower. Our experienced team can help you design the concrete parking lot best suited for your business property. We have the equipment and manpower to prepare and level the gound, build forms, pour the concrete, and finish the surface so it can begin drying quickly. We respect your time and want this process to be as quick and painless as possible for you. Once the concrete has dried, we can then take care of the striping.

Concrete Parking Lot Repair

If concrete does need maintenance, it’s generally to repair or cover a crack. Concrete reflects sunlight to stay cool meaning it handles the heat very well. However, when it comes to the extreme cold, prolonged freezing temperatures can cause it to crack. Other things like too much weight can cause cracking, but overall, if installed properly, concrete can withstand a lot. If you do notice cracking or damage to your concrete parking lot, call Greico for a free inspection. We can evaluate the issue and implement a long-lasting solution that will quickly remedy the problem.

Removal and Replacement

Once a concrete parking lot is deteriorated and crumbling, it is usually beyond repair and needs replacing. Concrete parking lot slabs are heavy and removal requires special equipment by a skilled hand. If you need to remove and replace your declining concrete parking lot, Greico is here to help. We can safely demolish and dispose of your old concrete to make room for a freshly paved parking lot.

With decades of experience in commercial concrete pouring, Greico has the staff, equipment, and knowledge to get your concrete parking lot installed, repaired, or replaced. By choosing a company with so much experience, you will not have the problems you might have with a smaller company. Let us do the work quickly and correctly so you can get the most out of your parking lot investment. Contact us today for a free quote.