What is ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990 and updated with amendments in 2008. The ADA prohibits discrimination toward people with any kind of disabilities in facets of public life like schools, jobs, transportation, and any places open to the general public. This law guarantees that disabled persons have equal opportunities with the appropriate accommodations for transportation, employment, telecommunications, and government services. 

Simply translated, this law requires that all business structures and parking lots must provide the accommodations needed to make it possible for those with disabilities to access your business. Among other the requirements set out by the ADA, your business must have designated parking spaces, wheelchair ramps, and anything else that constitutes reasonable accommodation for disabled visitors.

ADA Requirements

The ADA has specifications for the number, size, and location of accessible parking spots as well as the signage required to identify those spaces. Installing curb ramps will allow wheelchairs to easily transition from the pavement to the sidewalk. Then, any wheelchair accessible ramps must measure a specific width and gradient, and they must have the appropriate curbing, handrails, and side wallsOnce your ramp reaches a landing, there are specifications for the landing as well. Because ADA regulations are so complex, it’s best to work with a company that knows all applicable facets of the law and can bring a considerable amount of experience to the table. 

Why Choose Concrete For Accessibility Ramps

While the ADA doesn’t specify concrete as the only option for building your ramp, it’s the best choice for building handicap accessible ramps in your parking lot. You can also use wood, fiberglass, or aluminum, but the ADA is clear about not letting water collect on the ramp and requiring that the ramp be affixed permanently and slip resistant.

Not only does concrete last a long time, repel water, and create the runoff necessary to comply with ADA regulations, but concrete is also extremely durable and long lasting. It requires very little ongoing maintenance and repairs as it ages. An ADA concrete ramp may cost more upfront than other approved materials, but it’s worth it the investment. 

Let Greico Bring Your Business Into Compliance

If you need ADA concrete ramps, landings, or parking lot painting, let Greico help. Our experts are well versed in building ADA compliant entryways for commercial properties. We are a full service paneled provider that can do everything from identifying and marking handicap parking spaces to building concrete ramps and curb ramps for your business. 

We work with every kind of enterprise including small businesses, strip malls, restaurants, hotels, offices, airports, churches, apartments, and more. Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of ADA regulations which are guaranteed to save you time and money. Whether your business is just starting out or you need to bring your existing structures up to code, Greico can take care of it. Contact us today for a free quote.